Pirouette PTA catheter range

The Pirouette family of PTA catheters (018, 035 and 014) features our novel low-profile balloon technologies and is available across a wide matrix of balloon lengths, diameters, and catheter lengths.

Preferred by clinicians

  • Unique balloon structure/technology - FineFormTM - allowing thin walls and excellent re-wrap characteristics

Lower profile balloons across a wider range of diameters allow clinicians to carry out more procedures without having to change out guide wires – saving cost and time. Great re-wrap allows for multiple inflations as required in some peripheral procedures, as well as easy deflation and withdrawal.

  • The longitudinal polymer orientation makes the balloon thin and tough

Tough, durable balloons are important for patient safety and fast procedural success.

  • Catheter technology – great pushability and flexibility

Pirouette catheter design enhances the device capability – giving the clinician a wide range of options of manoeuvrability in crossing difficult lesions.

  • Portfolio width – the widest practical range for lower limb work

168 codes across the Pirouette 018 range

106 codes across the Pirouette 035 range

168 codes across the Pirouette 014 range

  • High rated burst pressures across the full range

The full Pirouette range extends up to 16 atm RBP – giving the clinician extra pressure when needed in difficult, highly calcified lesion cases.