Pirouette PTA 035 catheter

ArraVasc Pirouette 035 – the right mix of diameters and lengths for larger vessel PTA 

Pirouette 035 illustration



Provides the platform for excellent trackability, pushability, insertion and withdrawal characteristics.

Thin wall design

Low folded balloon profile with balloon diameters of 3.0mm—7.0mm x 200mm at 5F, 8.0mm-10.0mm at 6F and 12mm x 60mm at 7F.

Wide matrix size

Pirouette 035 is available in 106 codes across a range of sizes:

  • Balloon diameters 3.0mm to 12.0mm
  • Balloon length from 20mm up to 200mm
  • Shaft length from 750mm and 1300mm

Proven hydrophilic Serene™ coating

The Serene™ coating – the latest-generation coating from Surmodics, Inc. – is a lubricious hydrophilic coating designed to also reduce particulate generation. The Serene™ coating is applied using PhotoLink® technology for a coating thickness of less than one micron.

Guide wire 0.035" Rated pressure 10 – 16 atm
Catheter length 75cm, 130cm Compliance max ≤7%
Nominal pressure 8 atm Marker bands Swaged 1.025 mm platinum/iridium
Sheath compatibility 5F – 7F Coating Surmodics Serene™ hydrophilic coating 

Full Product Range

Pirouette PTA 035 catheter full product range table