Peel Away Sheath delivery system

  • Proven technology = proven safety - extensively used in complex clinical cases in many markets
  • Balloon actuated deployment of any self-expanding (SE) stent by splitting of the protective sheath
  • Protective sheath can be manufactured from almost all semi-crystalline thermoplastic materials, primarily Nylon and PET


Video shown here

Sheath split video

Video shown here

Key benefits

  • Ease of use
  • Deployment accuracy
  • Reduced crossing profile
  • Single step deployment & post-dilatation
  • Compatible with DES technology (previously tested)
  • Hydrophilic coating compatible (previously tested)

Deployment accuracy

  • The technology enables controlled delivery and deployment
  • At deployment the SE stent expands rapidly outward to engage the arterial wall
  • No forward/backward movement of the stent occurs during deployment
  • As with other technologies, stent foreshortening requires consideration

Reduced crossing profile

  • Savings in crossing profile are possible due to the ultra-thin wall thickness of the protective sheath (20-40μm, x2 wall)
  • Therefore, the profile of the delivery system is primarily driven by the crimp profile of the stent
  • Previously trialled; sheath material is coating compatible

Patent protected

  • One patent granted - Patent No. 8,252,035 Device Delivery System with two-stage withdrawal
  • Four applications at late stage