About Us

Our mission

ArraVasc designs, manufactures, and markets innovative devices for interventional clinicians across the world.

We thrive on the challenges presented by our clinicians and seek innovation in everything: research, design, materials, and processes.  We respond quickly to our customers with products that are recognised as the benchmark for innovation excellence and patient care. With our expertise, we have developed unique endovascular platform technologies that will deliver a stream of world-class devices.

Problem solving and a passion to succeed attract and retain the ArraVasc team, who are motivated by their desire to learn and satisfy our customers.

We have developed novel access technologies for the treatment of complex coronary artery disease (Sideguard) – with its innovative nitinol stent design and ‘Peel Away Sheath’ delivery system. The Sideguard has a CE mark and extensive clinical research completed.

Our focus is now on peripheral vascular disease: by using our proven expertise in materials and product design, we are developing the Pirouette family of peripheral balloon catheters, which will comprise a wide range of sizes across 014, 018 & 035 platforms as well as novel high pressure (24atm) products.

Our R&D team is aiming to provide a range of novel solutions for some of the more challenging clinical casework in this disease area – how to manage the long, tough lesions often found in late-stage peripheral artery disease (PAD), whilst minimising trauma to the patient and helping speed up procedure times.

ArraVasc Limited, based in Galway, Ireland, is the R&D and manufacturing subsidiary of Cappella, Inc.